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Barrel Feed Ramp Polish Service

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Our Price: $45.00
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Bexar Arms is proud to offer Barrel Feed Ramp Polishing Services for AR pattern firearms that are struggling with feeding issues or for those who wish to optimize the feeding of their firearm.

Barrel Feed Ramp Polishing can correct numerous potential problems that can be present in AR's.

  • "Clocked" or misaligned barrel extension feed ramps that don't line up with the M4 feed ramps in the upper receiver
  • "Overhang" where the feed ramps in the barrel extension protrude into the upper receiver, causing a lip or shelf where the bullet tip can get caught on
  • "Jamming" where the bullet feeds from the magazine, but the projectile gets stuck in the cutouts for the bolt lugs.
  • "Gouging" when the bullet is scratched deeply during feeding.

We take extreme care to not change the angle of the feed ramps or remove too much material from the feed ramps.
We do not polish or cut feed ramps into upper receivers. We only work on the feed ramps on the barrel extension.
We do not recommend polishing barrel extensions with plated finishes such as Nickel Boron (NiB), NP3, etc. unless you are experiencing issues.

To purchase our Feed Ramp Polishing service, please use our Contact Form to get the process started.