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Professional Services

Bexar Arms is a licensed FFL07/SOT2 with capabilities to help you design, test, and develop custom solutions for the AR-15 and M16 pattern of firearms.

Our comprehensive understanding of the AR pattern of firearms along with our in house capabilities and industry contacts insures that you will receive the highest quality end results in designing, prototyping, testing, and pre-production manufacturing samples.

All Professional Services are rendered with the utmost respect to confidentiality. Bexar Arms will never sell, reproduce, or redistribute your ideas without your express written consent.

Please use the contact form below to discuss your specific needs and how we can best serve you.


  • Professional Consulting
  • 3D Modeling in Fusion360
  • Technical Drawing
  • High Speed Filming
  • One-Off Prototyping
  • Pre-Production Product Samples
  • Contacts with Trusted OEM Manufacturers
  • Thorough Testing Protocols and Documentation
  • Comprehensive Assistance with Research and Development

U.S. Government Contracting Information:
DUNS: 117999501

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