AR-15/AR-10 Upper Receiver Assembly

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Send us your component pieces and we'll assemble your upper for you! This service is for ASSEMBLY only of one upper receiver and all it's necessary parts. Handguard and/or Barrel swaps require the Rebuild service. This service does not include installation of FSBs onto undrilled barrels. We will NOT attempt to install any low quality parts (i.e. brandless eBay imported components, etc).

Please use our contact form or email directly at to order this service.

Bexar Arms will professionally assemble the quality parts of your choosing using the proper tools and techniques required for a properly built upper receiver. Should any issues during the build process arise, Bexar Arms will immediately contact you before any further work is done. We 100% guarantee the quality of our work, but we cannot make the same claim for the parts used during the assembly process. Any parts failures should be dealt with directly with the part manufacturer. Any errors in the assembly of your upper with be covered by Bexar Arms.