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Bexar Blood - Premium Weapon Lubricant

Bexar Arms

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Bexar Blood Weapon Lube is a premium 100% synthetic petroleum based medium viscosity weapon lubricant developed by Bexar Arms.

Our goal was to create a lubricant that has increased creep resistance when compared to straight oil, exhibits high anti-wear characteristics, and offers long lasting lubricating properties.

We achieved this by formulating Bexar Blood with unique ingredients to add viscosity for creep resistance and added "cushion" between moving parts, specific additives to minimize metal on metal wear, and perhaps most interestingly, include the solid lubricant Hexagonal Boron Nitride for incredible "slickness" even if all the oil dries up or burns off.

We recommend Bexar Blood as your general purpose lubricant for the vast majority of scenarios and weather conditions.

Bexar Arms is confident that you'll absolutely love our Bexar Blood Weapon Lube. If not, please let us know and we will give you a full refund on your original purchase price, and you can keep the the rest of the lube!

A note from Phillip: Bexar Blood has been in development in its current formulation since late 2021. Our original lubricant was first made in 2019 (the purple stuff if you remember it!), and Bexar Blood has since improved upon that idea to become what it is today. We've been testing Bexar Blood internally since we began its development, and it's the only lubricant we've used in our own personal firearms and machineguns. To date, we've been very pleased with its performance under all conditions! It's also the lubricant we use in all of our Armorer's Services where lubrication is required, and we have yet to hear of any complaints from any end users. Currently, Bexar Blood is in its final stage of end user evaluation. Once we hear back from our selected end users, we will begin to sell Bexar Blood in its retail form and packaging.


  • Bexar Blood Premium Weapon Lubricant
  • Medium Viscosity Formula
  • 100% Fully Synthetic Petroleum Base Oil
  • Improved Creep Resistance
  • High Anti-Wear Properties
  • Hexagonal Boron Nitride Fortified
  • Shake Well Before Use - Solid Additives May Settle
  • Made in USA