Inconel X750 AR-15 Enhanced Extractor Spring

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Unconstrained by budget or bureaucracy, we've decided to optimize in places where others compromise by selecting materials that are better than "good enough" for the application.

Made from genuine Inconel X750 wire, our Enhanced AR-15/M16 Extractor Springs have a comparable spring load to the popular "Colt Gold" springs, but with an indefinite lifespan under normal use and superior corrosion resistance compared to Chrome Silicon. 

These springs are sold individually and 100% made in the USA!

A note from Phillip: These springs are stronger than Mil-Spec extractor springs, and in most cases, should be used with either a Viton (CRANE) extractor o-ring OR an extractor insert. Using both an o-ring and an insert together may result in poor extractor performance and is not recommended.


  • AR-15/M16 Enhanced Extractor Spring
  • Made from genuine Inconel X750
  • Resists corrosion better than Chrome Silicon
  • Passivated for additional corrosion resistance
  • Indefinite lifespan under normal operating conditions
  • Spring load similar to "Colt Gold"
  • Best used between -330 to 700 degrees F
  • 100% Made in USA
While ejector springs are typically a wear item that should be replaced in regular service intervals, we are so confident that our Inconel X750 Enhanced Extractor Springs will never be shot out or damaged from normal shooting that we guarantee it for life! Should you somehow manage to make our Inconel X750 Enhanced Extractor Spring fail to do its job, contact us and we will send you a replacement free of charge! Should you try our X750 Extractor Spring and decide it's not for you, please contact us for a full refund! We will refund you the cost of the spring, the original shipping charge, AND send you a free return label.