ERGO Textured Slim Rail Covers - Flat Dark Earth - 3pk


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Similar in size to the ladder rail covers, these covers provide a non-slip grip while maintaining a minimum profile. Protects you and your equipment from the sharp rail edges.

Note from Phillip: These are an excellent rail cover option that FULLY COVERS the picatinny rail. Great for maximum heat protection while keeping a low profile design. For a lighter weight and lower profile option, check out the ERGO Ladder Rail Covers.


  • Protects rails from damage and protects shooters from rail edges.
  • Prevents damage to skin, gear and clothing that contacts rail edges
  • Rubbery grip surface for improved weapon control
  • 6.8 inches long, easily trimmed for custom fitting
  • Fits all 1913 Picatinny Rail Systems
  • Low Profile