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Dead Air KeyMicro Muzzle Brake - 5/8x24

Dead Air Armament

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The Micro Brake is ideal for a short, lightweight single port muzzle brake suited for a variety of platforms.
The Micro muzzle devices are designed to be used with the KeyMicro Adapter giving your Primal, Ghost, Wolf, or Wolfman a quick attach functionality similar to Dead Air's proven KeyMo system. It is also compatible with the standard KeyMo system for rifle silencers.

A note from Phillip: If you like the Dead Air KeyMo system but you aren't trying to pin and weld your muzzle device to reach legal length, we like these Micro Brakes for their smaller size and lighter weight compared to the full sized KeyMo Brake.


  • Suppressor Mount Compatibility
    • KeyMicro Adapter
    • KeyMo Adapter
  • 5/8x24 Thread Pitch
  • 38 Cal (9mm) Bore
  • Shim Kit Included
  • 3.4oz Weight
  • 2.06" Length

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