Be Peaceful, Not Harmless

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Artwork by ktokkm

Be Peaceful, Not Harmless.

I don't know where this saying originated from or what the original intention of the phrase is, but this is my takeaway from these words.

Not Harmless

I'll start with the second half of the phrase first, as I think most people will not disagree with the way I interpret its meaning.

Let us not neglect our training so that we may be able to effectively use our tools should we encounter a situation that necessitates their use.

Be Peaceful

This part is something that I don't hear mentioned nearly as often, but I think is equally as important as training, if not more so.

Let us not neglect our work so that we may cultivate peace where we will never encounter situations that requires our tools.

In my opinion, and only my opinion, the theoretical ideal is where everyone is proficient, competent, and effective in employing their firearms and first aid equipment in the event that those skills are required, but also where everyone is kind to each other and active in their communities so that there few, if any, incidents that would require the use of those skills.

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Be Peaceful, Not Harmless

Made from heavy duty vinyl with a UV resistant coating and super strong adhesive, these die cut stickers are perfect for your vehicle, cooler, wall, or wherever you want to place them! Be sure to clean the area you want to attach the sticker on before application for the best results. 

Stickers sold individually.


  • 4.13" tall by 3.87" wide
  • Weather Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Construction
  • Super Strong Adhesive
  • 100% Made in the USA