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OCKS Gas Key Screws - Optimized Carrier Key Screws


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The OCKS (Optimized Carrier Key Screws) from Ned Christiansen of Michiguns is a massive upgrade to the standard gas key screws. The OCKS screws feature a heavy "spline" on the top edge of the head which mechanically engage the gas key after staking far stronger than the typical serrations found on milspec gas key screws. For the most secure installation of gas key screws, OCKS are the best option we've found to date, hands down.

Bexar Arms has been so impressed with OCKS gas key screws that we use them in ALL of our gauged and inpsected carriers!


  • Grade 8
  • 9/64" Hex Socket
  • Torque to 50-58 Pound Inches
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Made in USA by Ned Christiansen of Michiguns