11.5" Midlength 5.56 Upper - Made to Order

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  • Radian Raptor-LT AR-15/M16 Charging Handle
  • Radian Raptor-LT AR-15/M16 Charging Handle
  • Radian AR-15/M16 Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle
  • Radian AR-15/M16 Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle

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Select your choice of parts from the available options and we'll assemble an upper just for you.


We chose to use the Faxon 11.5" Midlength 5.56 barrel due to it's very interesting midlength gas system. The short dwell time of this midlength 11.5" barrel has some very distinct benefits over running a carbine length gas system, and can be run suppressed or unsuppressed reliably.


Our very own eXcise Optimized Handguard is packed with practical features while keeping overall weight reasonable. Perhaps most notable, yet oftentimes overlooked by other companies, is the nitrided steel reinforced QD sockets.

Upper Receiver

Your choice of black anodized Aero Precision upper receivers. Options include the standard Mil-Spec style upper, No Forward Assist "Slick Side" upper, and the M4E1 Threaded upper. You also have the option to have the upper receiver squared or not.

Muzzle Device

Your choice of muzzle device between the classic A2 Birdcage, VG6 muzzle devices, and the excellent Dead Air KeyMo muzzle devices. Choose the muzzle device that suits your needs best and is legal to use in your area. We also have the option to have no muzzle device installed should you want to use something that we don't offer or if you already have a muzzle device to use.

Gas Block

Your choice between a few different options of standard and adjustable gas blocks. If running a suppressor, we highly recommend choosing one of our adjustable gas block options.

    • Our own internal testing has found that the factory gas port that Faxon uses for this barrel is larger than necessary for reliable unsuppressed shooting. If you shoot unsuppressed and want to run a restricted gas block that simulates a smaller gas port size, the Optimized Low Profile Gas Block with .086" Orifice is for you. We've found that this particular orifice size for this particular barrel will run underpowered steel cased .223 ammo reliably with our Flat Wire Spring and a 3oz Carbine buffer unsuppressed, or brass cased .223/5.56 ammo with an H2 carbine buffer and our Flat Wire Spring unsuppressed. Using a different buffer weight, recoil spring, or an A5 or rifle length buffer system will give you different results that may or may not function reliably. We highly recommend you use our Flat Wire Spring and a carbine length buffer tube with our recommended buffer weights if you choose to go with this option. This orifice size is NOT optimized for suppressed shooting.
    • If you like the factory gas port size of the Faxon barrel and do not want to run an Adjustable Gas Block, the Standard Low Profile Gas Block option is for you.
    • If you want the highest quality AGB on the market that also has the option to bleed-off gas instead of restricting it, the Superlative Arms AGB is our personal choice and recommendation.

Gas Tube

Your choice of either a Mil-Spec 304 stainless steel gas tube or a Black Nitrided 304 stainless steel gas tube.

Charging Handle

Option to include an ambidextrous charging handle from a number of different styles and brands.

Bolt Carrier Group

Option to include a BCG from a number of different styles and brands.